Nordic Hamstring Leg Curls with Exercise Ball

nordic hamstring curls

As a Lean Warrior, we stopped doing typical machine leg curls a long time ago. We instead utilize bodyweight to build size and strength in your legs. And, Nordic Hamstring Curls are one of the best exercises for your legs.

I unfortunately couldn’t find any images of people performing this exercise with an exercise ball. If you don’t have a lot of strength in your hamstrings, you will find this exercise extremely difficult without an exercise ball.

The purpose of the exercise ball is for stability. You use it to stabilize yourself as you pull your body up with your hamstrings.


Resistance Band Chest Push Ups

resistance band chest push ups

The chest push up with a resistance band is one of my favorite exercises for building strength and muscle for the chest. And, all you need is a resistance band. If you don’t have one, get one. You’ll need it for several exercises that I recommend.

The push up by itself is already a good exercise. By adding a resistance band, you make it even better. You’re not only pushing your own bodyweight, but you’re adding resistance at the top of the press.


Get Shredded With IIFYM Dieting? Or Is This Diet Not Healthy?

IIFYM stands for ‘If It Fits Your Macros.’ Can you get shredded with this diet? Is it healthy? Read on to find out.

The IIFYM diet is actually one of my favorite diets out there. It means you can enjoy any type of foods you want as long as you hit your daily macros/calorie requirements.

But, the general complaint you’ll hear about the IIFYM diet is if it’s actually healthy.

The answer to that question is that it simply depends! If you refuse to eat any greens and foods high in fiber, you’ll most definitely feel the effects of this unhealthy eating.


What’s The Best Diet To Get A 6-Pack Fast?

First of all, just know that this article isn’t about ab exercises to get you a 6-pack. But, I’m sure you know that based on the title.

While it’s great to do core work, and you should be doing it, I want to talk about how you should structure your diet so you can burn fat, get lean, and get those abs to POP.

If you want your abs to show, you really need to get lean.

You’ll most likely have to lose more weight than you’ve ever lost before.


Is Starvation Mode A Myth or The Real Thing?

So you’ve been dieting for a few weeks (or months) and the scale finally stalled — you’re no longer losing weight.

“Jee whiz, I must be in starvation mode! My weight isn’t dropping!”

That’s usually the first thing that pops into your head. You may have even dropped your calories even more in an effort to get the pounds to shed once again.

But, no matter what you try, the scale won’t move. You’re stuck at the same weight you were 7 days ago.