leg exercises burn fatIt’s important for you to understand, and I’m going to mention this on every single article about fat loss, that you must be expending more energy than you’re taking in to lose weight.

This means that you must bring your calories down to a deficit.

Working your lower body is the most effective way to burn calories in the gym.

If you’re not hitting your lower body every single time you hit the gym, it may take you much longer to hit your goals (unless you lower your calories so much that you’re absolutely miserable. But don’t ever do this).

It’s important to view your fitness goals as a mission. You need to be thinking big. This is a lifestyle and not a short-term goal.

Most people set goals that are way too broad. You know that you have fat to lose, but you’re mistaken if you think it’s going to be quick and easy.

Getting yourself into the gym is great, but without a solid plan it will get you nowhere.

Make no mistake — it takes month and months of dedicated work to get strong and lean.

It requires more willpower than anything you’ll ever do. You’ll lose motivation as you realize that results are slow.

Therefore, it’s important that you focus on what you can do TODAY and today only.

If you keep your mind in the future, focused on a body that you wish you had, you’ll lose sight of what you need to do now and become depressed.

With a digital world that’s full of fake naturals promoting their fitness products, it’s incredibly easy to find yourself pissed off when your body doesn’t look the way you want it to.

So, don’t compare yourself to these frauds.

All you need to focus on are these two things:

1) That you’re getting stronger week after week

2) That you’re losing 1-2 pounds per week

That’s it.

Follow those rules and eventually you will have a body to be proud of. Be happy with your progress.

Now, let’s take a look at a sample leg routine that is very effective at burning calories (and thus burning fat).

Note: Always begin weight lifting exercises with low weight to warm your muscles up and prevent injury.

Incline Treadmill Power Walking

treadmill power walkingHere’s my favorite way to warm-up, and depending on the incline degree you set, it can be an absolute killer leg workout.

It’s also a great way to get the blood flowing. I’ve noticed for myself that when I warm-up and get the blood flowing, I have a much better workout regardless of the muscles I’m hitting.

The most common mistake you need to avoid is grabbing onto the handles as you walk at an incline.

Don’t do this! Keep your hands free flowing, away from holding anything. This forces your legs to put in the work.

If I see you grabbing onto that machine, I’ll come after you! This is a promise.

I recommend 10-15 minutes on the treadmill. This will get your blood pumping, and it’s also a great workout for the calves as you’ll soon realize.

Make sure the speed is fast enough so you’re putting in some work. This is Power Walking. It’s safe on your knees, but you should work up a sweat.

Bulgarian Split Squats

I’m torn between recommending the Bulgarian Split Squat and the Barbell Front Squat. I love the front squat as it’s an incredible leg exercise.

However, because the front squat is an intermediate exercise, let’s stick to the dumbells.

Here’s an image to show you the starting and ending position:

bulgarian split squat

Not only is the bulgarian split squat an easy exercise to perform, it’s very effective as a leg burner. You’ll feel this one for a few days if you’ve never done it before.

If you’ve never done this exercise, then don’t both with the dumbbells. Just use your bodyweight and work up to 10 reps per leg.

Once you’re able to hit 10 reps no problem, move onto the dumbbells. Start with 10 pounds in each arm and do 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps.

Once you hit 10 reps for each set, you’re ready to move up in weight. Next time you hit the legs, grab the 12.5 pound dumbbells and continue to progress.

The bulgarian split squat is a great booty builder (I personally already have a thicc ass which is why I prefer the front squat). But, this exercise is also great for quad development.

Some women are afraid of weight lifting. Don’t be! Lifting weights is a great way to burn calories. It’s much better than running on the treadmill for 45 minutes.

Plus, when you lift weights you build lean muscle mass. No, you won’t look like a body builder becaue you’re not on drugs. But, you will look tone. That’s what you want!

Women who lift consistently week in and week out tend to get great results within 6 months. Add in a nutrition plan that cuts weight and you’ll be looking fly in no time.

The Leg Press

The Leg Press is a great alternative for squats. However, it is very easy to hurt your lower back if you’re not careful.

You can use a machien or a one that requires plates. It’s up to you and the gym that you attend. As long as you’re making progress, it doesn’t matter.

the leg press

As you can see in the picture above, the man is using a machine (he’s also quite chiseled and his shoes could be better but ignore my biased opinion).

This is another powerful leg exercise that engages multiple muscles in your legs. Depending on your foot placement, you’ll work certain muscles over others.

It’s important that I explain the correct form so that you don’t injure yourself. Done incorrectly, the leg press can act like a very heavy deadlift.

Be sure that your lower back remains on the seat at all times.

Not once should you ever dip so low that your lower back raises off the seat.

You only need to bring yours legs to about a 90 degree position before you start the push. You’re activating the glutes, hamstrings and quads with this exercise. No part of your back should be stretched!

As you get stronger and stronger in the legs, you’re going to start adding more and more weight. I’ve seen women press over 600 pounds before. Very impressive! I also will not confirm or deny that said woman had a thicc booty. But yes, leg press builds dat ass.

Overall this is a great strength building exercise and you’ll notice your strength improving greatly week after week.

As with all weight training exercises, start light. Add weight if you’re able to hit 10 reps without breaking a sweat. Three sets of 10 reps is more than enough considering you just did some split squats before.

As mentioned before, the position of your feet will cause either your quads or hamstrings to do more work. You’re still working both muscles, however.

The higher you place the feet, the more emphasis you put on the hamstrings and the glutes (dat ass). If your ass is lagging, then place your feet higher up.

If you already have a thicc booty, such as myself, then place your feet lower on the pad. This will cause your quads to do more work.

You can also use the leg press to work on your calves. Place your toes on the bottom edge of the pad and do 15-20 reps using just your calf muscles. The rest of your legs are held in place. Feel the burn, bro!

If you’re not keeping a journal of your progress, now is the time to start. I keep all of my logs on a simple text file in my Dropbox. This means I can load them up wherever I want, on any computer or phone.

Superset: Leg Extensions and Leg Curls

Now it’s time for one of my favorite exercises that’s guaranteed to keep you wheelchair bound tomorrow. Just kidding!

But seriously, this superset is amazing. How does a superset work you say? Ah, wonderful question my little fitness bug. Bring your little eyes closer to the screen and I shall teach you!

Okay… back up or you’ll go blind.

Start off by sitting your booty on the leg extension machine. If you’re not sure what this machine looks like, here’s a picture:

leg extensions

Ignore how RIPPED this cartoon character is. He isn’t real. I promise.

Perform 12 reps at a weight that you can do so that you complete all 12 reps with perfect form. No half-assing the last 3 reps. That means you’re going too heavy!

Once you’ve completed these 12 reps, immediately hop off the machine and make your way over to the leg curl machine.

You want to rest for a bit? I don’t think so! This is a super set. That means no resting until you finish the second set. In this, that means you must complete the leg curls before taking a breather.

Your leg curl machine will probably be different from the one my gym has simply because there are multiple ways of doing this exercise. So, just find the leg curl that works best for you. Here’s a picture:

leg curl machine

Get going on this set as quick as possible. You want to hop off the leg extension, sit/lay down, and start hitting your reps.

Aim for 12 reps as well with this exercise. Don’t go too heavy on this super set. You’ve already hit your legs really well with the previous 3 exercises. It’s all about feeling a burn at this point.

Once you complete the leg curls, you’re ready to rest. But not for too long! In fact, I only want you to rest for 60 seconds. Haha! Get your butt back in the leg extension seat and start pumping out those 12 reps.

After 3 super sets, you should be really feeling it. Your heart rate should be up. You might even be sweating! Go you!

Keep Your Head Out Of The Future

Here’s the truth: if you perform these 4 exercises 2-3 times per week while in a caloric deficit, you WILL burn fat and get lean. This is just the truth.

Losing weight and getting lean isn’t difficult persay. It just requires time and willpower. This means keeping your head in the present moment and away from the future.

Why do I mention this? Because in this social media obsessed world with fitness models everywhere, it’s hard to appreciate your current self.

Check out this picture as an example of what I mean:

Obviously, this woman looks amazing! She’s lean as hell and her muscles definitely show. But, this image also causes you to focus on your future self.

Well, your future self isn’t actually real. But, staring at pictures like this followed by some fitness routine makes you believe that if you follow their plan, you’ll get the same results.

That is complete bogus! It’s false advertising in my opinion and I can’t stand people who do this.

But, it is what it is. I want you to be aware of this so that you can focus on your own results.

If you want to have toned legs and a nice ass like all those fitness stars you see online, then you need to get your diet in check. Your fat burning results will come from a healthy, consistent diet.

The exercises I’ve provided for you here are more than enough to build a solid foundation of strength and sex appeal.

Want to know what every lean, sexy fitness Instagram celebrity has in common besides a great tan? (which makes me wonder… where are all the redhead models?)

They all got a lean diet that they’ve been on for several months that brought their body fat levels low enough to where their muscles have definition.

And the type of skin that bronzes in the sun.

And an electric razer they use before every shoot.

And a photo editor that brings out all their definition.

And perfect lighting.

The fitness industry is ridiculous these days. Focus on your own self. Learn to appreciate the body that you have. Your confidence in your own self will lead to a fulfilling life.

When you start to eat healthy and burn around 1-2 pounds of fat per week, you’ll get lean! I promise. Enjoy the process or else you will be miserable.

Once you’ve leaned down enough, you can begin to add a little more calories each week to build your body.

Oh, and don’t worry about other people in the gym. Their opinions don’t matter in this game. Pop in your headphones and hit that iron.

Welcome to the fitness game. It’s long-term. It takes time. It’s a lifestyle.

And, have a cheat day once a week. A little korean bbq never hurts!

As always, comment below if you have questions or comments and I’ll help you out.