still fat on my diet

You’ve been on a strict 1200 calorie diet for weeks. And yet the scale doesn’t seem to move. What gives?

Why are you not losing weight when you exercise and diet?

You begin thinking that it must be your genetics. Or a medical reason for not burning fat.

Maybe you were losing weight at first on your “revolutionary new low-carb, plant-based diet” but suddenly stopped. Cutting weight seemed easy in the beginning.

All of these reasons and more are how we rationalize ourselves to quit. You were motivated at the start of the year to lose weight and burn fat. But now, you’re no longer motivated and you want a reason to get lazy.

That’s the real issue here. This is purely a mindset problem. Half of the book I’m writing is about helping you fix these mindsets so you stay dedicated to the Lean Warrior lifestyle.

It’s really easy to find motivation to workout and get lean. But, it isnt motivation that helps you lose weight — it’s dedication and execution. That’s what really matters.

So, I’m going to go over 10 things that cause you to NOT burn fat. Once you know what not to do, you should find it easier to execute each and every day.

Daily execution is all that really matters.

1. Stop Trying To Lose 5 Pounds In One Week

Why the hell are you going to spin class twice a day and eating only 800 calories? Oh… you have a wedding in two weeks and you think you can crash diet.

No can do, sista. Not only will you gain all that weight back in a matter of days, but you still won’t lose those 5 pounds no matter how hard you try.

I know people that do this. They go super hard for about a week. No surprise that they burn out by the second week. It’s simply an unsustainable lifestyle.

But, people who try to crash diet don’t make health and fitness a lifestyle. They try to short cut their way to success. I’ve written in the past about why this is such a horrible way to live so check out that article.

Eventually you’ll realize that you must make weight loss part of your lifestyle. It’s something you do long-term with a plan.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

And you’ll gain all that fat back (and more).

2. Trusting Those “Natural” Instagram Fitness Gurus

If you spend enough time on Instagram like most people do these days, you’ll come across men and women with amazing physiques.

The ones with more followers seem to be more credible than others. And, even though their physiques are impossible to reach for most individuals, they did it “naturally!”

Or, that’s what they say. To say otherwise would ruin their business and they would never get another client again.

Thus is the problem with modern day “gurus” in the social media age. you find these frauds in every industry, not just health and fitness.

This is why I’m not jumping on that Instagram fitness bandwagon. You can follow me if you want, but you’re not going to get fitness stuff. You’ll get fashion, food, travel and lifestyle. Things that I actually enjoy in life. Follow me if you want @jtxp.

The point of all this is that I want you to be skeptical of any “natural” fitness star you come across. If they’re big and ripped, chances are they were on the gear at one point in their lives.

To tell you that you could get the same results without t he gear is straight fraud. Therefore, be skeptical. Results take time. Focus on getting lean and reducing your body fat first. One goal at a time.

3. Weight Loss Isn’t Hard. Keep It Simple

The internet is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have access to more knowledge than you would ever need.

On the other hand, more isn’t always better. It’s incredibly easy to read 5 different opinions from 5 different websites. As a result, you overload your brain with information. You don’t know which is best for you.

Burning fat and getting lean isn’t difficult. All it takes is your time. If you eat the right amount of calories and exercise, you will lose weight every single week. There is no argument here. This is a fact.

You’re going to finish reading this article and then go to another website for another opinion, lol. Go ahead. But you’re making a simple process much more difficult than it needs to be.

This ties in with point #2 above. All these “expert” and “naturals” that supposedly have it all figured out. Well, science is science. It doesn’t matter who you learn it from. You can educate yourself about the science of weight loss and you’ll burn fat.

You really don’t need any experts to figure this out for you. The only reason you would hire a coach is if you want a hands-off approach, ask questions and stay dedicated.

4. You Keep Halting Your Progress

Easily the most common problem I see with men and women who hit the gym is that they stall their own progress.

This happens when you change up your workout routine too often. When you change your routine, you have to spend a few weeks figuring out where you’re at on for these exercises.

Progressive overload is the key to building muscle in the gym (this comes after you have nailed your diet). If you keep changing your routine every other week, you keep halting your progress.

It’s easy to want to change things up. Perhaps your favorite “natty expert” posted a new routine online and you want to give it a try. Or, you came across a Reddit post from someone who got great results.

While these routines may very well be amazing, you are shooting yourself in the foot every single time you change up your routine. I’ve personally done this to myself many times over the years.

Find a routine and stick with it for 8 weeks. Whether it’s one I’ve given you or not, just stick with it. It’s going to be your diet that helps you lose weight and not the actual lifts you’re doing.

5. You Can Create Your Own Workout Routine

As I said before, it’s really not the routine that will give you the results you seek for weight loss (this is a different story if you’re trying to build muscle).

There are hundreds of different exercises you can find if you browse the internet long enough. I’ve written a guide on my favorite leg workouts for fat burning.

The idea is that you want to hit your muscle group around 3-4 times when you hit the gym. You’ll hit the glutes a few times, the hamstrings a few times, the quads and the calves.

The way you go about that can be completely up to you. Of course I have my own recommendation and routine, but you still have the freedom to do it however you want. Perhaps you have a bad knee and you can’t do lunges.

There could be a number of reasons why you don’t want to do a certain exercise. That’s okay! Just replace it with something else that targets the same muscle.

Legs are the best muscle group to hit if you’re trying to burn fat and lose weight. Work them out twice a week instead of once. I don’t care how you do it but put in a good hour each session.

6. Stop Buying Useless Supplements

Yes, I’m sure all the benefits you read about CLA make you really excited. I hate to break it to you, but no amount of CLA supplements are going to help you burn fat faster. It’s just not going to happen.

Thus is the truth with most supplements you find on the internet. They make all these outrageous claims in order to get you to pull out your credit card.

But, the truth is that you do NOT need supplements to burn fat and lose weight. They won’t “accelerate” the weight loss process.

All you need for a pre-workout some coffee or green tea. In fact, green tea studies have shown that it helps your body metabolize fat alongside an exercise program. How’s that for a natural supplement? Drinking green tea in the mornings is cheap and actually does something for you.

Some people consider protein shakes to be a supplement. If that’s to be the case, then yes I highly recommend you find a healthy protein powder without additives you can’t pronounce.

My protein powder of choice is by Now because the only ingredient is: whey protein isolate.

7. Track Your Macros and Overall Calories

At the end of the day, it’s going to be your diet that helps you lose weight and burn the fat off. This is a scientific fact that you need to get used to.

Buy yourself a scale to weight your food. Don’t be lazy about this. Make it part of your lifestyle. Weighing food by the gram is how you know exactly how many proteins, carbs and fats you’re consuming.

Most Americans are overweight with a terrible metabolism because their diet is wack. It’s usually high carb, high fat and low protein.

It’s full of sugars and processed foods. Over time, these foods destroy your gut. They cause diseases and inflammation. I wrote about fixing your gut here. Check it out because it’s super important.

You’d be surprised at the amount of foods you can eat when they’re healthy. Whole, natural foods will help jumpstart your metabolism so you can burn the fat off.

Try to consume at least 100 grams of protein per day if you’re a woman. Men should be eating at minimum 130 grams per day.

The rest of your calories you can fill in with carbs and fats. It’s up to you if you want to go high carb or high fat. Either way, make sure they’re healthy carbs and fats.

I give you permission to have one cheat meal for every 10 meals you consume. Enjoy your life. Just please track your calories if you hope to lose weight.

8. Give Your Diet and Training Equal Focus

It’s true that your diet will be responsible for your weight loss goals. However, I want you to take your training seriously.

Interval training is especially important because it’s been shown to get your metabolism fired up. Give yourself at least 2 sessions per week of HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Lifting weights is also good for your muscles. As you get older, your muscles will slowly atrophy. That isn’t good! Keep pushing the weights to keep them fired up and active. Your body won’t atrophy as long as it thinks you need them.

When cutting weight, you want to hit the gym so your muscles stay strong. As long as you keep your protein intake high, you’ll keep your muscle mass. I only recommend a deficit of around 200-300 calories per day during a cut for this reason.

The type of diet I recommend will have no problem burning the fat off your body. That’s the power of fixing your gut and turning it into a fat burning furnace.

Health and Fitness Is A Lifestyle

So make it one.

Don’t try to short-cut this stuff. The key to keeping the weight off is to make this a habit. Live a healthy life and make it part of who you are.

You can always enjoy life with friends and eat big, tasty meals when your friends. Don’t feel like you need to restrict yourself. Try to make at least 9 out of 10 meals healthy. If you’re having 4 meals per day, this means you can “cheat” almost every other day. That’s not bad!

You can do what I do and simply save up your cheat meals for days when your friends want to grab food. This happens to me multiple times per week so I just stay healthy when I’m cooking on my own.

Enjoy the process. Get out there and execute. Dedicate yourself to living a fun, healthy life and you’ll be a lean Warrior before you know it.

Are you ready to take on this lifestyle? Let me know below in the comments.