Get Lean. Unleash The Warrior Within.


No matter where you’re at on the rollercoaster that’s called Life, you’re welcome here.

I’m Jeff and is all about being a badass and living life to the fullest —  all while still having time to enjoy all the things you like (even if it’s Dragon Ball or World of Warcraft).

When you feel good about yourself, you feel like a badass. You start living. You feel as if you can accomplish anything.

You escape from mediocrity, ready to challenge and defeat the enemy within us all on the daily.

This website is much more than just another health and fitness blog. Yes, you’ll learn how to build muscle and strength. You’ll learn how to burn fat and lean down to the Warrior physique.

The Lean Warrior philosophy is a way of living. You’ll unlock your true potential. You’ll release that inner Warrior from it’s cage.

There are no short cuts, no “magic pills.” The path to success isn’t a straight, step-by-step path. Check out this article about achieving success in life. This will teach you how to build a life you’re proud of.

The Lean Warrior Army is a tribe of badass men and women. Everyday is a battle.

Bookmark this site and come back 46 times per day. I write daily. This site is my baby. It will continue to grow and blossom into it’s own, wonderful creature.

Who knows where it will go?

And that’s the beauty of it.

Cheers to a future badass you.