ebb and flow achieving success

It’s a shame how most people get the wrong idea about success. If everyone knew how the path to success really looked, we would all approach life in a completely different way.

This is a huge lesson and it’s why we’re going to take a break from all the fitness and nutrition advice today.

However, this will probably be the most important post on this website in regards to your overall success in life.

The Lean Warrior philosophy is much more than being a strong, lean machine; it’s about being a badass that achieves in all areas of your life.

It’s also sad how many of these million+ viewed articles you find talk about success being this “step by step” process. Or a circle that you keep repeating.

This is completely untrue and it shows how these writer’s have no idea what they’re talking about.

The image I posted above is actually what the path to success looks like. And, it doesn’t matter what area of life you’re working to improve.

It could be anything from fitness, nutrition, relationships, career, sports and more.

I’m going to cover three of these: relationships, fitness, career.

Successful Relationships

Relationships must be talked about because much of your happiness will come from those you allow into your life.

There are men and women who will go through their whole entire life never having a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Thanks to the way we’re brought up in society, many of us have a completely wrong outlook about interpersonal and intimate relationships. Most men have no idea how an intimate relationship with a woman develops.

As with all paths of success, relationships are not a step-by-step process. Anyone who has successful relationships knows this to be the case.

Success in anything is an art. Relationships are no different. There is an ebb and flow to it. Things happen that are out of your control.

You and your girl might start off really hot, totally into each other. Suddenly, she’s icy cold and you rarely hear from her.

This is where guys who do not understand the process of success start to stumble. They’re scratching their heads wondering what the hell happened?

Refer to the image above. Actual progress is never in a straight line. It’ll be up and then down. It will go forward and backwards. At times, it will go sideways and loop around quickly.

You could be married to someone for 10 years, and suddenly all those 10 years mean nothing. It’s as if you feel like you’re back to square one.

Success in anything is truly a dance.

Men who don’t know any better hate losing this sense of control. We want to solve problems and take action to try to “right the ship” and make things as they were before.

However, this goes against the laws of success.

Because there’s an ebb and flow to things, you must learn the power of patience. You’ll never get what you want in life with straight-lined or step-by-step thinking.

If relationships were a step-by-step process, nobody would have difficulty keeping a partner in love.

But, there are bigger powers at play. We humans are emotional beings. One week your girl might be really into you. Then, something happens in her personal life and you are now a low priority for her.

Hence the squigly line in that picture. As of right now, the universe is telling you that it isn’t meant to be in this moment.

And, that’s okay. If you try to force things, you’ll show the universe (and the girl) that you’re impatient. You’ll only turn her off further since impatience communicates insecurity.

Therefore, it’s important that no matter what happens in your life, you continue to focus on your mission. I’ll talk more about this in the career section below.

Success is a dance. When someone goes cold on you, remember the squigly image above. Getting what you want isn’t a straight path. You’re going to have ups and downs.

So, when things are cold, have the confidence to back off and be patient. She knows how you feel about her. Give her the space to do what she’s got to do in her own life. She’ll appreciate it and eventually the path will start to head upwards again.

Who knows how long this can take. This is why you leave the ball in the court of the man or woman who goes cold. To continue the pursuit shows that you don’t understand people.

You must let people, especially women, come and go as they please. Stay focused on your own mission in life. If it’s meant to be, she’ll get in touch with you in some way.

This is why you can’t get butthurt. If you do, you’ll close that door for good and you’ll never hear from her again.

Building something great is a long-term process. When you realize this, you’ll always have amazing people coming into your life when you least suspect it. You’ll be a drama-free zone because you understand how amazing relationships grow.

True love is freedom. It is the opposite of attachment which so many people get wrong. Here’s a great quote:

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

If you try to force things and push her to talk to you, you’ll only make things worse. You will continue to drop on her priority list and it could be quite some time before she has good feelings for you again.

This is where most men drop the ball. They’ll get impatient. They want the daily calls and texts to return. Then, they start asking her why she doesn’t talk much anymore instead of letting her do her thing.

When you get impatient, you are resisting the universe. You are digging yourself into a deep hole that will take longer and longer to climb out of.

If you resist enough times, you’ll bury yourself so deep that you’ll never be able to climb out.

Success in Health and Fitness

You’ll notice how the path to success applies in all walks of life. It’s not just relationships as you’ll soon see. It’s really the same no matter what you’re working towards.

When it comes to health and fitness, you must realize that this is most definitely not a step-by-step process.

While there’s much more science to the process of achieving a lean physique, it is still an art form that most people struggle to achieve.

Just like relationships, if it was easy to build an awesome body, everybody would be doing it.

However, it’s not easy. Most of these fitness and supplement companies have sold men and women on the idea that you can follow their easy step-by-step system to achieve the body of your dreams.

It’s complete horse shiiiiiet. If all you had to do was follow a simple system, then everybody would be lean, fit and sexy as hell.

That’s just not the case at all.

There are multiple factors at play when you are trying to lose weight and build your body: you have your physical state, your mental state and your emotional state.

If any of these things are off, which they will be at any given time, you’ll stray. The key to understand is that this is to be expected.

No one is perfect. You’re going to have days where your head isn’t in the game. Perhaps you recently had a break up and you’re sad.

Or, for some reason you feel extremely tired today. There will be days where your body needs to recover. If you can, sleep for a couple more hours. However, never get in the habit of sleeping more than 8 hours regularly.

Some days you’re going to have zero motivation to get yer azz into the gym. It’s very difficult to stick to a fitness regimen when you have absolutely zero motivation.

Or, perhaps you get ill for a week or more. You can’t workout when you’re sick and your diet is completely off.

These things are normal and it’s part of the path to success. It’s squigly as fuk!

Another huge factor is that people get impatient, just like they do with relationships. You want results now and not tomorrow.

What ends up happening is that instead of sticking to a fitness program for a couple of months, you change it after 2 weeks. You’ve convinced yourself that you could get better results on a different program.

This shows the universe that you don’t have the patience to see things through. Because you have to get used to a new routine, you’ll end up halting your progress for a couple of weeks every time you change it.

This leaves you like everybody else in the gym: stuck with the same body year after year, making very little progress.

Impatience is the killer of success, not just in business or relationships, but in your health and fitness goals as well.

The big lesson here is to stop trying to force things to happen. You must trust the process, accept that success isn’t a straight line, and let the universe do it’s thing. Expect the unexpected. It’s part of the journey.

Building a Successful Career

A major part of the book I’m writing is all about success and achievement. Or rather, what it is that prevents us from achieving what we want.

Whether it’s an amazing partner, a body that you’ve always wanted, or a business that you want to start, you will always face battles.

These battles take place within us. You’ll feel like you need to “do something” to get your relationship back on track. You’re impatient and want to try a new routine. Nobody is buying your product so you completely change the business.

Impatience is one of many enemies we battle within ourselves. Everyday is a battle that you must overcome. Fear will always be a part of you. How will you overcome it?

When it comes to building a successful business, you will constantly doubt yourself. You will become impatient. You’ll be tempted to scrap the whole project and do something else (or nothing at all).

It’s The War Within, which just so happens to be the title of my book.

If you learn how to defeat the enemy within, you can accomplish and achieve anything in life. You will get the relationships you want, the body you want and the career you desire.

Men and women who understand this are able to get more done in a day than most people get done in a week.

But as always, the universe will do what it’s going to do. You can’t force people to visit your websites or buy your products.

All you can do is put it out there, work at it consistently, always be improving it and let the universe do it’s thing.

Impatience will be the death of your business and products. There is no step-by-step process. Even if you follow all the directions, you could have zero results.

Or, you could go completely against the books. Your product goes viral. Before you know it, everybody wants their hands on what you’ve created.

This is why I encourage you to be pateint and let the universe do it’s thing.

All you should focus on is your mission in life, whether you’re single or in a relationship. No matter what happens, you’re consistent with yourself and you let the universe do it’s thing.

When you accept these truths and understand how the world really works, you open yourself up to the universe. It is only a matter of time before success is inevitable.

Will you keep up the battle until then? Or will you become impatient and fuck everything up like 95% of people do?

Life rewards the Warriors. Be a Warrior and you’ll get there.