Not a fan of cardio? Trying to burn fat and lose weight without any exercise? Continue reading and you’ll learn how to do this…

Look, I get it… You’re a busy person. You work all day and have a family to take care of. You’re tired when you get home and don’t have the energy to hit the gym at 9pm.

Who the hell would want to hit the gym after a hard day of strenuous work? The last thing you want to do is run on a treadmill or lift some weights.

Hanging out with your family and spending the evening together is a much better use of your time. I completely understand your reasoning to avoid the gym.

So, if you’re overweight and trying to burn fat, how can you do this without exercising on a daily basis?

That’s exactly what I’m going to talk about in this article. If you follow my advice about weight loss and nutrition, you can burn fat without exercising. Ready? Lets go!

Have A Realistic Mentality About Burning Fat

First things first: yes, you can get completely shredded without exercise. However, the cost to this achievement is through a drastic change in diet from what you’re probably used to.

And, just so we’re clear…

I highly recommend that you do exercise regularly. Not only does exercise allow you to enjoy more food on a daily basis, it also develops endurance which improves your health.

But, you really don’t need to exercise to burn fat and lose weight. Anyone telling you otherwise is either selling you something or doesn’t know much about calories.

So, how exactly can you lose weight without doing 30 minutes of cardio everyday or some intense HIIT routine?

First you need a realistic expectation of how much weight you can lose each week.

With everything perfect in your diet, you shouldn’t try to lose any more than 2-3 pounds per week. It doesn’t sound like much, but after 12 weeks of eating the right foods, you can be down 25-40 pounds. Those are good numbers!

Set yourself a 12 week goal of losing 25 pounds. If you can achieve a 25 pound weight loss in 3 months, would that satisfy you?

I sure hope so because most people never come close to losing that much weight in 12 weeks. They always give up since they try diets which are too extreme and calorie-restrictive.

So, first step is to have realistic expectations and to set yourself a realistic goal. Do that now.

What Won’t Help You Lose Weight?

When seeking out a new diet, beware of anything that’s labeled as a superfood.

This includes all those bogus ads you see online about acai berry diet pills, the “perfect” energy bar, healthy food bowls, and other “simple solutions” to lose weight.

Educating yourself about diet and nutrition is the first step to taking control over your weight loss. It’s what you need to do if you want to burn off your love handles and keep the fat off for good.

The more educated you are, the less inclined you’ll be to fall for “miracle products” and diet fads.

It’s also important you beware of the fake naturals on Instagram and Youtube who are actually using steroids to build muscle. These fakers are the worst and they deceive literally millions of people yearly to sell products.

If you’re going to listen to the advice of any fitness model, listen to what they have to say that isn’t gym related. Building a great physique naturally is possible as long as you’re realistic about it.

This is why I encourage men and women to work towards the Lean Warrior physique that I teach. Focus on getting lean and shredded instead of trying to get jacked and shredded. It’s a much more realistic goal.

Most of the scammy products that are out there are created by snakes who want your money.

Some diet pill product owners have recently been slammed with huge million dollar fines from the FTC which is great news. But the snakes will always exist.

I tell you this information so that you’ll know NOT to buy into the latest “diet revolution” you find on TV or online. Save your money for something USEFUL.

Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Health.

It is 100% true that simply changing your diet can result in weight loss. If you eat the right types of foods and cut out the bad ones, like soft drinks, your body will burn fat much easier than before.

The actual change that needs to happen is a fix of your gut. A nutrition coach I hired years ago would talk about how your stomach is your “second brain.”

He would say that when you fix your gut, you fix your health. Therefore, the goal you have going forward is to fix your gut. You want to turn your stomach into a fat burning machine.

You may find that transitioning to a healthy diet is quite difficult. Cutting out processed foods and sugars isn’t as easy as you think. Your body is going to crave them because it’s used to them.

Therefore, start small. If you’re having a few beers every week, cut your intake in half. Same with sodas and other drinks that are full of sugar (which is adding a ton of calories and wrecking your stomach).

Eventually, the only type of liquids you should be putting into your body is water, unsweetened teas, coffee and low calorie beverages.

I personally enjoy lactose free milk, but some people get great results by completely cutting out dairy from their diet.

The next step is to cut out breads and other starchy foods. These are all carbohydrates and they are slowing down your metabolism.

Learn to love fruit. Replace your breads and pastries with fruits, vegetables and healthy carbs.

Fats are important as well. Be sure you’re getting at least 25% of your daily calories from fats.

And, most importantly, you need protein. Aim for anywhere from 100 grams of protein if you’re a woman, to 180 grams of protein if you’re a man.

High protein diets with clean carbs and healthy fats will greatly speed up your metabolism. This results in fat burning. Now go get it!

Questions or comments about losing weight without exercise? Comment below and share your experience!