If you’ve hit the gym long enough, you’ll eventually be faced with a dilemma:

Should you take steroids to increase your muscle building potential?

It’s a questions I’ve wrestled with in the past because I’ve always had a difficult time to put on size as someone with a skinny-fat physique.

Here’s the answer I’ve been able to come up with after given this topic some serious thought:

Of course not! Are you serious?

Only an insecure pussy who thinks he needs muscles to get laid would shoot himself up with steroids lmao. What a loser mentality.

I’ve actually never thought about taking steroids. Nothing about them interests me. While muscles might make you more attractive, they won’t get you laid with anyone of quality. Maybe a bar skank here and there, but that’s it.

Guy’s who resort to steroids have serious issues. And, because there’s so many fake nattys on Instagram these days, I really can’t fucking stand people who use gear.

There’s nothing worse than a lying, fraudulent “natural” on Instagram pushing his fitness products to the unknowing masses. These people really make me sick.

They are the biggest losers in the world and I hope they crash and burn. They definitely deserve it for decieving millions of young guys to spend their hard-earned money.

Steroids Will Build More Muscle Mass

I’m not here to deny the fact that steroids work. They very much do! Instagram and Youtube wouldn’t be full of fake naturals if steroids weren’t widely effective.

Does this mean you should take them?

Hell no, bro. Like I’ve said several times, building a natural, lean physique doesn’t require drugs of any sort. It doesn’t require pre-workout or caffeine or anything special.

Building muscle and burning fat requires discipline, nutritional knowledge, and time.

My goal here is to bring you the knowledge and teach you how to develop the discipline. It’s the factor of time that because tough to deal with. It’s why many guys turn to steroids for quicker gains.

I get the temptation. You want everything now. Society has conditioned you to feel that way. Nearly everything can be had instantly these days.

Except anything that requires hard work and dedication (this is where the steroid defenders comment that you still need hard work and dedication when using steroids. Please don’t waste your time).

Even if you’re a skinny fat hardgainer, you don’t need any performance enhancing drugs to build a nice physique. And, a nice looking physique is really all you need. You don’t need some Thor god-like physique to be successful with the ladies.

Embrace The Present Moment

What’s this have to do with fitness you say? Well, if you’re considering steroids to quicken your gains, everything.

Most guys get on steroids because they want to build muscle faster than everybody else. They don’t want to spend nearly as much time in the gym.

But, here’s the other deeper reason why: they aren’t happy with the way they look right now in the present. They believe that attaining the physique of their dreams will make him happier.

Perhaps he finds happiness temporarily. He goes out and gets a little more attention from the ladies and more respect from guys. The power can feel amazing.

But, it’s all temporary. Usually anything that requires a dark force to gain power comes at great cost later on (re-read this sentence as it’s very important).

This isn’t just your usually fitness blog. I aim to bring you a healthy way of thinking about life and presence and happiness as well.

Nothing beats a strong, healthy, confident mentality. Not even a ripped, shredded physique can do this for you.

So, stop chasing some future appearance that you feel will be the difference maker for you.

Learn to accept who you are in the present, flabby skin and all. The muscles will come throughout your journey.

Developing true confidence is really the key to this problem. When you’re a confident individual, achieving your desires because a thousand times easier.

Obviously building confidence is easier said than done. But, it all starts with accepting yourself right now. Today.

Develop Your Energy Levels Instead

Want to know what beats steroids and huge muscles?

Positive, creative, fun, free-flowing energy is the most attractive trait in a human being.

Learn how to harness your energy levels and you’ll be ten times greater than any steroid dude with god-like features.

Most guys are building muscle with drugs in order to compensate for a non-existent personality. They believe that the muscles will get them the attention they so badly desire.

Little do they know that it’s their dull, boring personalities that are such a turn off — not their face or their lack of physique.

Admitting this truth to yourself is a big step. If you have a dull personality, you should focus on improving that.

With all that said, don’t stop going to the gym. I still believe that working out and progressive overload is incredibly important. You can still build muscle while being an awesome, fun person as well.

You’ll soon notice that as you develop your personality and begin to enjoy yourself more that the thought of taking drugs for muscles is the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever thought of.

It will soon seem so silly that you even considered it.

Developing your energy is an article for itself that I’ll eventually write. For now, the best tip I can give you is to embrace your ridiculousness and don’t be afraid to let go and be FREE without fear of judgements from anyone else including yourself.

Now get out there, throw the needles away and start lifting because YOU enjoy it.