Here’s How To Build Strong, Thick Back Muscles With Light Weights

back exercises strong thick

If you came here expecting a workout routine, you’re going to be disappointed.

This training article is about how you build a stronger, thicker, wider back without all that heavy weight lifting; light weights are just as effective.

You’ll learn how you can achieve muscular development in your back regardless which exercises you choose.

Knowledge is power. What you’ll learn in the next 8 minutes will enable you to create your own back workout routine.


Not Skinny But Not Fat? How To Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle

skinny fat diet workout

You don’t see yourself as skinny, but you also don’t see yourself as fat. What’s going on with your body here?

Assuming that you want to get lean and feel healthy, I created this guide for men and women who are stuck in the middle. You don’t like the way you look and you want to change it up quickly.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s just assume you have “skinny-fat syndrome.” The process to transforming your body composition is the same: you must adjust your diet and introduce exercises that work your body as a whole.

As a man who had the “not skinny but not fat” body type for years, I created this in-depth guide to help you reach your goals. You’ll learn how to burn access fat on your body and build some lean muscle in the process.


Simple Upper Chest Workout: Build Strength, Muscle and Size

simple upper chest workout

So you want that Superhero Chest, eh? The type where your chest pops like Captain America. And the ladiescan’t help but want to touch dem pecs.

I think this is a question of who wouldn’t want a great looking chest.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of my chest. I naturally have a Tom Cruise gap in the middle.

But, this is just part of life and it’s really not a big deal at the end of the day. You’re not going to be any less of a person because your chest isn’t godlike.


Can You Build Muscle Without Gaining Any Fat?

can you build muscle without gaining fat

The magical muscle fairy once said:

“You shalt develop that lean body with absolutely no trouble at all. Looking great is incredibly as long as you buy all my products and supplements. Plus personal coaching for 90 weeks.

Follow me and you shalt achieve your perfect body with no fat gain whatsoever. This I promise thee!”

No, the magical muscle fairy doesn’t exist. But if it did, it would probably look like The Rock in Toothfairy (a movie that I refuse to ever see).


The Ultimate Guide to Muscle Confusion Workouts

guide to muscle confusion

Sup gym bro. Have you caught on to the latest Killer Muscle Confusion Workout for Massive Gainz yet?

What are you waiting for brah? You should know by now that muscle confusion is the ONLY way to build the biggest deltoids of all time.

This here guide is going to show you how you can confuse your muscles sooooo much that you’ll put on 5 pounds of muscle per day!

It’s unheard of. But, I’m a bro scientist so obviously I’m right.


Turn Fat Into Muscle: How Long Does It Take?

turn fat into muscle

As a guy who has struggled with the skinny-fat body all my life, turning fat into muscle has been my life’s quest. This is easily the most common question you find on the internet when it comes to weight loss and gainzzzzzz.

I’m in my 30’s and I still feel like I’m not even close to where I want to be. All of my friends say I’m way bigger now than I was 5 years ago, but still… I don’t feel I’m anywhere near where I want to be.

This is because I still feel like I’m skinny-fat. I feel like there’s a lot of fat that needs to turn to muscle. This is the curse of the weightlifter, right? There’s always a new goal, it’s impossible to be where you truly want to be.


Building Muscle: What Sets and Reps Work Best?

which training sets are best

As a beginner in the gym, you’re going to be curious about the structure of sets. Which type of sets build the most muscle? Should I do pyramid sets or straight sets? Why?

Because this article is about building muscle, I’ll focus on the type of set structures I recommend for this purpose.

If you were leaning down, you would approach your sets differently due to the deficit of calories.


What’s The Best Training Split to Burn Fat, Build Muscle?

which training split is bestLast night, you went to bed reading about an amazing workout routine posted by your favorite social media fitness model.

You’re motivated to start the week with this new training split. You have convinced yourself that this routine will finally burn fat and build muscle.

Three weeks into it, you’re already burned out. You’re not seeing the results you thought you would. What gives? Is the routine garbage for your body type?


Chest Workout To Build Size and Strength

chest eworkout to build size

The latest muscle group to get slammed in the Lean Warriors workout series is the chest. It’s time to add some strength and size. You ready? Good.

If you’ve read the guide to shoulder muscle growth, then you’ll recall that I recommend you to focus on shoulders over the chest.

While a big chest is great, developed shoulders are even better. You can’t beat the symmetry effect you get from having strong, muscular shoulders.