Is Muscle Heavier Than Body Fat? Or Is It A Myth?

I’m sure you’ve heard this myth before: does muscle really weight more than fat?

Many people fall victim to this belief thinking that the muscle they gain is much heavier than the fat they have on their body.

Perhaps this is due to you hitting a plateau, stalled at the same weight for several weeks. You begin to think that maybe you’re building muscle while losing fat.

Therefore, since muscle weighs more than fat, it makes sense that the scale is staying the same.


The Hardgainer Muscle Building Guide For Endomorphs

It sounds weird, right? An endomorph hardgainer? Does that even exist?

As a fellow endomorph hardgainer myself, it sucks. Absolutely sucks. I wouldn’t wish this body type on anybody.

But, you got to deal with the hand you’re dealt in life. And life isn’t fair. That’s simply the truth. No amount of whining and blaming God or government or whatever will change this reality.

So you got to suck it up and make the best of what you got. The good news is that you’re not alone here. Like I said, I have the ectomorph hardgainer genetics. I’ll teach you what I’ve learned over the years to help you maximize your muscle building potential.


Fat Burning Workouts: Burn Belly Fat Through Weight Training

Trying to lose weight and look better?

Who the hell isn’t these days… And, with the right fat burning workouts, you can do just that.

Yes, that was a cheesy introduction. It’s also not entirely true because getting lean and shredded is actually a result of your diet.

But, you can definitely improve your physique through weight training and cardio. Both of these two types of training methods are huge topics and countless books have been written about them.


Cardio For Burning Fat Off The Love Handles

cardio for weight loss

Having trouble burning fat off your love handles? Think cardio is the way to go? Then you’ll want to read this article.

Personally, I’ve never been the type to perform cardio. I always used my diet to burn the fat off.

In fact, I’d gladly take a punishing HIIT exercise class just to avoid the boredom of the treadmill.

You may be of the belief that cardio is the key to weight loss. Well, allow me to be the one to set the record straight.

While cardio can be a helpful tool for your fat burning potential, it is not even close to being as important as your overall diet.


3 Simple Diet and Nutrition Tips To Help You Burn Fat

nutritious meal

This will be a quick article with some tips about burning fat through diet and nutrition.

Why the quick article? Because you’re busy and I want you to get some value out of this ASAP. There’s plenty of 5,000 word essays on the internet about nutrition.

This isn’t one of those. You’ll be able to read through this in a few minutes and have some fat burning knowledge to improve your health.

Not bad, eh?


Is It Better To Eat Small or Big Meals To Lose Weight?

One of the more commonly debated topics is whether eating many small meals throughout the day is better for weight loss.

For me, this is one of those details that is extremely small on the scale of importance in this whole fitness and dieting thing.

Without a doubt, nutrition is at the top of the list. Whether your goal is to burn fat or build muscle, you cannot hit that goal without getting your diet under control.


6 Strategies To Control Hunger Cravings and Lose Weight Fast

control hunger cravings and feel full

The reason why most people fail at reaching their dieting goals is due to this simple fact:

Your inability to control your hunger. The cravings break you down mentally. You give in to the temptation of grabbing that oreo cookie crumble sundae.

I’ve been there. In fact, I still struggle with these temptations every single time I diet. I like eating out with friends and I refuse to give up my social life for the sake of losing weight.


Why Full Body Routines Suck For Building Muscle

stronglifts full body routines

Before you kick me in the nuts for hating on full body routines, hear me out:

If your goal is to build muscle and build a strong physique, the full body routine is the least most recommended routine I would ever give to someone.

The reason is simple: spending 3-4 days per week hitting the same muscle groups over and over again doesn’t give your body enough ample time to recover.

Yes, full body routines are very popular for beginners because it makes you feel good about working out.


Not Skinny But Not Fat? How To Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle

skinny fat diet workout

You don’t see yourself as skinny, but you also don’t see yourself as fat. What’s going on with your body here?

Assuming that you want to get lean and feel healthy, I created this guide for men and women who are stuck in the middle. You don’t like the way you look and you want to change it up quickly.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s just assume you have “skinny-fat syndrome.” The process to transforming your body composition is the same: you must adjust your diet and introduce exercises that work your body as a whole.

As a man who had the “not skinny but not fat” body type for years, I created this in-depth guide to help you reach your goals. You’ll learn how to burn access fat on your body and build some lean muscle in the process.


Basic Principles of the Keto Diet for Weight Loss

keto diet principles guide

Ah yes, the Keto Diet. Easily one of the most popular weight loss trends these days.

From “teatoxes” to prepared meals, Atkins and Weight Watchers, there are plenty of diets to try.

But which one will help you achieve your health and fitness goals?

Many diets suggest taking supplements which are helpful if you are not consuming a healthy amount of nutrients from food alone.