Resistance Band Chest Push Ups

resistance band chest push ups

The chest push up with a resistance band is one of my favorite exercises for building strength and muscle for the chest. And, all you need is a resistance band. If you don’t have one, get one. You’ll need it for several exercises that I recommend.

The push up by itself is already a good exercise. By adding a resistance band, you make it even better. You’re not only pushing your own bodyweight, but you’re adding resistance at the top of the press.


Assisted Chest Dips (aka Machine Dips)

Video Demonstration

If you find regular dips on bars or gymnastics rings to be difficult, you’re not alone. Dips are hard – especially on rings – and many people can’t do a single one.

But take heart, because many gyms have a particular machine (called an assisted chest dip machine) that will provide some lift and effectively reduce your body weight.

It’s much better to use this machine than try to do body weight dips that are beyond your abilities. You’ll inevitably end up using poor form and risk getting injured.