Get Shredded With IIFYM Dieting? Or Is This Diet Not Healthy?

IIFYM stands for ‘If It Fits Your Macros.’ Can you get shredded with this diet? Is it healthy? Read on to find out.

The IIFYM diet is actually one of my favorite diets out there. It means you can enjoy any type of foods you want as long as you hit your daily macros/calorie requirements.

But, the general complaint you’ll hear about the IIFYM diet is if it’s actually healthy.

The answer to that question is that it simply depends! If you refuse to eat any greens and foods high in fiber, you’ll most definitely feel the effects of this unhealthy eating.


6 Things You Should Know About Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Intermittent fasting is here to stay.

And here’s why…

What many people called a fad is no longer just that.

Many of the top fitness gurus continue to push this form of eating on social media, in their Youtube videos, on their blogs, podcasts and books.

Even my parents have heard about the importance of eating during an 8 hour window (which is really all IF is).

Fasting has been a thing since the beginning of time. Many religions have a form of fasting. Many cultures continue to fast to this day. But fasting as a concept to burn body fat at a faster rate has only been around for the past couple of decades.


How Long Do You Have To Workout To Build Muscle?

Wondering how long your workouts need to be in order to build muscle?

Then look no further: I am here!

Meaning that I’m here to give my take on this popular topic. Yeah, not the best introduction but it’ll do.

Besides, you’re in a hurry and you’re probably at the gym reading this on your phone inbetween workouts…

Anyway, let me first congratulate you on asking a question such as this one. It’s important!


How To Reduce Your Risk Of Workout Injuries and Recover

Workout injuries are the worst. And yet, so many people take the wrong steps when it comes to recovery.

The goal is obviously to get back into the gym without making the injury worse. However, if you go about this the wrong way, your workout injury could become even worse than before.

Let’s look at an example: let’s say you suffered from a bicep tear several months (or years) back. You feel a slight ache in the bicep, but it doesn’t feel anything serious.

You’ve probably been dealing with this slight ache no problem for some time now. However, the question must be asked: why haven’t you been to the doctor? Are you hopeful that it will go away? Do you think it is slowly repairing itself?


Benefits of a High-Protein Diet: Pro’s and Con’s

high protein diet

One of my core beliefs for people who want to lose weight and burn fat is this: a high-protein diet will do you wonders.

This isn’t because you need all that protein. Far from it according to protein studies. Research is still on-going, but as long as you’re getting 0.6-0.8 grams per pound of body weight per day, you’re fine.

Now with that said:

I recommend that you consume at a minimum 0.8 grams of protein per day while dieting.

The reason for this is due to the fact that when you’re hitting your daily calorie intake with protein, you’re reducing your carbs and fats intake.


Pain In Your Shoulders? 5 Ways To Heal A Shoulder Injury

As with all of my fitness and training articles, understand that I’m not a medical professional.

All I’m doing with this shoulder injury advice is to present you with what I believe helps. You should always consult a professional *in person* if you’re really worried about pain in your shoulders.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience no shoulder injuries in my 10+ years of lifting heavy weights in the gym.


What’s The Best Time To Workout For Muscle Growth?

When you’ve been around the fitness community for years, you’ll eventually start thinking about little details that you assume to matter.

If you put five “gurus” in the same room, you’ll get five different opinions about the best time to workout.

Some people swear by lifting first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (also called fasted lifting).

Other’s believe that you should lift after a small meal.


4 Steps To Burn Fat, Lose Weight and Keep It Off

burn fat lose weight and keep it off

It’s easy to decide in your head that you want to burn fat and lose weight.

But, do you ever think about how you’ll actually keep the weight off once you achieve your goal?

Do you fear that you’ll never even reach your weight loss goals to begin with? Coming up with a goal isn’t the difficult part.

We all have goals that we’d love to achieve. Whether it’s being healthier, making more money this year, starting a career, becoming strong and lean, traveling to a destination that you’ve always wanted to visit, be a better partner, etc.


When To Change Your Workout Routine To Lose Weight

when to change workout routine

I’ve fallen into the trap of changing my workout routines way too often. It’s something that most of us experience at one point or another on this fitness journey.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to weight loss and burning fat is Information Overload.

With the internet, it’s too easy to swamp your brain with information related to any topic. This is especially true in the health and fitness world. The industry is bigger than ever before.