Simple Upper Chest Workout: Build Strength, Muscle and Size

simple upper chest workout

So you want that Superhero Chest, eh? The type where your chest pops like Captain America. And the ladiescan’t help but want to touch dem pecs.

I think this is a question of who wouldn’t want a great looking chest.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of my chest. I naturally have a Tom Cruise gap in the middle.

But, this is just part of life and it’s really not a big deal at the end of the day. You’re not going to be any less of a person because your chest isn’t godlike.


The Ultimate Guide to Muscle Confusion Workouts

guide to muscle confusion

Sup gym bro. Have you caught on to the latest Killer Muscle Confusion Workout for Massive Gainz yet?

What are you waiting for brah? You should know by now that muscle confusion is the ONLY way to build the biggest deltoids of all time.

This here guide is going to show you how you can confuse your muscles sooooo much that you’ll put on 5 pounds of muscle per day!

It’s unheard of. But, I’m a bro scientist so obviously I’m right.


How To Fix Muscle Imbalances: Legs, Chest, Shoulders

fix muscle imbalances

If you’ve been lifting for a period of time, you may experience muscle imbalances in your legs, shoulders, chest, arms or back.

What exactly is a muscle imbalance? I’m glad you asked.

A muscle imbalance is when one side is a little bigger or stronger or more flexible than the other. It’s actually quite common to form a muscle imbalance since you tend to naturally use one side over the other.


How To Maintain A Lean Physique, Keep Body Fat Low

maintain lean warrior physique

So you’re finally a Lean Warrior. You feel like a true badass. You’ve dropped your body fat to a level you’re proud of. Great job, warrior!

You have accomplished what 99% of society will never be able to do. Give yourself a pat on the back.

There’s no better feeling that losing the weight you’ve always wanted. It feels great. Isn’t it crazy to see how much muscle you actually have? It was hiding behind all that fat all this whole time.

Who would have thought you have had this amazing, beautiful body this whole time?


Shoulder Shrugs: Build Traps Fast with Barbells, Dumbbells

shoulder shrugs bigger traps

Holy shit this picture has me in stitches lmfao.

Had to share this with you because today we’re going to discuss how to build bigger traps as fast as possible.

Having traps that scream ULTIMATE POWER is something that all Warriors should strive for.

And, building up your trap muscles is quite easy with a barbell or dumbbells. However, there is a wrong way and a right way to build the traps in an efficient way.


Barbell Curls In The Squat Rack: Is It Wrong?

barbell curls squat rackIf you ever browse a fitness forum, you’ll come across discussions where people are mad about those who curl in the squat rack.

Well, I have a confession to make to all you bros out there:

I do barbell curls in the squat rack. Go ahead and throw hate at me. It won’t change anything. I’m going to keep curling in the squat rack.

Why do I do this?

Because it’s a damn great exercise, that’s why. When performed correctly, there aren’t many bicep exercises that beat barbell curls.


Chest Workout To Build Size and Strength

chest eworkout to build size

The latest muscle group to get slammed in the Lean Warriors workout series is the chest. It’s time to add some strength and size. You ready? Good.

If you’ve read the guide to shoulder muscle growth, then you’ll recall that I recommend you to focus on shoulders over the chest.

While a big chest is great, developed shoulders are even better. You can’t beat the symmetry effect you get from having strong, muscular shoulders.


Upper-Lower Back Muscle Building Exercises

back exercises that build muscle

This lesson is all about building a well-defined, lean upper and lower back.

We are going to fix your posture, burn fat and reduce any pain you may have related to the back.

This is especially important if you have a job where you sit down most of the day. When you’re stuck staring at a screen for long hours, your back gets weak! We got to counter that.


What’s The Best Rep Speed and Time Under Tension?

lifting time under tension

An often overlooked factor, but a very important one, is the best rep speed when lifting weights.

You’ll get various answers depending on who you talk to.

I’ve even heard some “experts” say how focusing on this part of your workout routine isn’t nearly as important as everything else.