An interesting question popped into my inbox the other day: can I perform chest exercises to get rid of my man boobs?

A lot of guys seem to struggle with the man boob thing even when they are adding muscle mass to their body.

You’re hitting the bench press, you’re eating enough calories to build muscle, you’re overall feeling good about your progress.

But, despite all this progress, the moobs are still there! What the hell is going on? Why aren’t they going away? And what can you do to solve this problem?

Is cardio the answer? More chest exercises? Surgery even?

To be frank with you, it could be a combination of those things. It entirely depends on the person and their “moob factor.” Yes, I just made that up and I won’t apologize for it.

Let’s quickly go over the causes of man boobs.

Too Much Chest Fat

This one is obvious: your body fat levels are too high, and you unfortunately store the majority of your chest fat in your boob area.

Every person is unique in that fat storage. For example, my body tends to store most of it’s fat in my love handles, my lower belly, and my thicc ass. My moob factor is a solid zero. Lucky me.

If you have moobs, then you might start thinking that this is a chest fat issue. There’s really only one way for you to find out if this is the case: go into a caloric deficit for 12 weeks and get into the single digit body fat levels.

If your moobs go away completely, then you’ll know that your body simply stores a lot of fat in your pec region.

On the other hand, if you still have moobs when you’re below 12% body fat, then you have a different issue that will need to be addressed in other ways.

You Might Have Gynecomastia

This is the official term for man boobs. This is when your body developed too much breast tissue as a male. It means that at some point during your earlier years, your hormone levels were way off.

Don’t feel bad because it’s most likely something that was out of your control — that is, unless you took steroids. A lot of people who take drugs end up with man boobs once they taper off.

This is because performance enhancing drugs can throw off your hormone levels when you stop taking them.

It also can occur naturally as you get older because your body starts to produce less and less testosterone as you get older.

The good news is that Gynecomastia isn’t deadly or anything. It’s just ugly and the sooner you get rid of it, the better your self-image will be.

Left Over Loose Skin

The final reason you might have man boobs right now is if you were once a round ball of obesity. In this case, you may have left over fatty skin that takes the shape of boobs.

This is the unfortunate side effect of being a fat mofo. It’s the price you’re currently paying for not taking care of your health when you were younger.

If this is your case, then fear not. You should be proud that you’ve lost a lot of weight and added 10+ years to your life.

I know you’re thinking that chest exercises might be the answer to your moobs problem, but is it really? Again, it really depends on the person.

Chest Exercises To Get Rid Of Moobs

Let’s assume that you’ve committed to working out to get rid of your man boobs. I think this is a great decision! Everybody should be physically active and working out, whether they have moobs or not.

Here’s what you need to know about fat loss in general:

The only way to burn fat is through a healthy diet and putting your body in a caloric deficit. In other words, if you want to lose your man boobs through weight loss, you need to make sure your body is burning more calories than it’s receiving.

With that said, you should definitely start bench pressing. This is the single best exercise to sculpt your chest muscles. The stronger you get, the more your chest muscles will grow.

However, don’t be so focused on building muscle if you’re currently a bit overweight. It’s much better lean down first so you can see if your man boob problem is from fat and NOT breast tissue.

Keep bench pressing while you lean down. You might struggle to progress over time due to lower calories, but you can still develop some solid shape while doing so.

When it comes to chest exercises to get rid of man boobs, understand that this is simply not possible. Why? Because if it’s a fat issue, then the only thing that will work is losing the fat.

You can only lose fat with a caloric deficit. That’s the only way. Remove any thoughts of spot reduction right now. You can’t target fat loss. It’s not possible.

What About Surgery?

This is the final solution after you’ve tried everything else I’ve talked about. You’re lean and yet you still have man boobs that are causing you to swim in the ocean with a shirt on.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great surgeons out there that can rid you of this problem while leaving you with no scars to show for it.

Remember: you should ONLY consider surgery if you’ve gone through everything else I’ve talked about so far. If you’re skinny-fat, then you definitely need to focus on getting your body fat percentage below 10%.

If after you’ve got an 8 pack and yet still have moobs, then consider the surgery option. In fact, it’s really the only option at this point. And, that’s perfectly fine!

Don’t feel weird about it. People get surgery to fix things they don’t like all the time.

The way you see yourself is very important. It’s why people get nose jobs. They feel much happier and often times it cures them of depression just from a simple surgery.

Do you have man boobs or “moobs” for short? Share your story below and the steps you’ve tried to reduce them.