What’s The Best Rep Speed and Time Under Tension?

lifting time under tension

An often overlooked factor, but a very important one, is the best rep speed when lifting weights.

You’ll get various answers depending on who you talk to.

I’ve even heard some “experts” say how focusing on this part of your workout routine isn’t nearly as important as everything else.


Does Strength Training Build Muscle Mass and Size?

strength training for mass

One of the most common questions I receive from fellow gym rats is:

“If I lift heavy and focus on STRENGTH, will I still build muscle mass and size?

Or, am I better off doing typical body building routines to build muscle?”

The answer to this question is like most of the answers you’ll get from me:


Best Cardio Exercise To Burn Fat and Lose Weight

best cardio exercises burn fat

Oh, my dear cardio… How I loathe thee…

This is easily the most common question I’ll get from men & women wanting to lose weight:

“Yo JT! Hook me up with a cardio exercise that’ll burn all this fat and get me losing weight!”

It doesn’t matter your background: weight lifter, office jockey 9 to 5er, athlete, etc. — learning how to burn fat through cardio is what I hear all the time.


5 Most Common Workout and Dieting Mistakes Beginners Make

common workout mistakes

One of my favorite ways of learning is to learn what NOT to do.

So, to start off Lean Warriors with a bang, let’s discuss what I believe to be the biggest workout and diet mistakes beginners (and some intermediate) lifters make.

This mistakes come from my personal life over the years.

Like most beginners, I didn’t know what I was doing for the first couple of years inside. and outside, of the gym.

I didn’t realize how important macros and calories were in the muscle building and fat burning process.