guide to muscle confusion

Sup gym bro. Have you caught on to the latest Killer Muscle Confusion Workout for Massive Gainz yet?

What are you waiting for brah? You should know by now that muscle confusion is the ONLY way to build the biggest deltoids of all time.

This here guide is going to show you how you can confuse your muscles sooooo much that you’ll put on 5 pounds of muscle per day!

It’s unheard of. But, I’m a bro scientist so obviously I’m right.

But before I do that, I’ll need you to send me $99 for this super unique workout program that nobody else has ever thought of in the history of the world.

It’s so unique that you’ll burn 10 pounds of fat per week and add another 5 pounds of muscle instantly.

Obviously I’m joking…

Muscle confusion is one of those terms that people and companies in the fitness world use to sound credible.

However, it’s all a lie designed to make you think they’ve discovered something nobody else has before. They want you to believe that muscle confusion will somehow get your body into pristine shape.

Of course you’ll pay hundreds of dollars for such a fitness product. That’s the ticket for entry. If you don’t pay, stay fat forever!

I got to give these companies credit. They are very good at selling health and fitness products. Coming up with creative phrases and product names isn’t an easy task.

The problem is that once you start to believe in these gimmicks, you could end up abandoning the fundamentals of weight loss and muscle building. That’s when you’ll stall your progress and delay results.

The Truth About “Muscle Confusion”

There are only two ways to actually build muscle: through a solid training program and eating the correct amount of macronutrients per day.

A solid training program means you’re consistently making progress in your lifts. You’re pushing your muscles each and every workout to get slightly stronger than they were before.

There are several ways to progress in your training. You do not need to lift heavy weights to build muscle. That is one of the big lies you constantly read about in the fitness world.

As long as you’re pushing your muscles in various ways each workout, they will be able to repair and build.

You can progress by adding more weight, increasing the reps, decreasing the time you rest between sets, or slowing down the tempo.

When you’re talking about “muscle confusion,” changing these things up is truly the only way to “confuse” your muscles and make them grow.

You should not keep adding weight to the bar week after week. It can become quite risky if your body simply isn’t built for really heavy lifts. Bulging discs are common for people who are lifting a weight beyond their physical capabilities.

The last thing I want you to do is injure yourself. It’s important that you enjoy the Lean Warrior lifestyle injury free. The best way to avoid injury is to lift smarter, not harder.

Whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, you should be tracking your macros and calories on a daily basis.

You can always have a cheat meal from time to time. I recommend 9 out of 10 meals be consistent and healthy. That means you can cheat once every 3 days or so. Not a bad way to live if you ask me.

Another very important part of this whole “muscle confusion” debate is how often you should change your workout routine. The answer? Not often! You should stick with one routine for at least 8 weeks.

The reason for this is that you lose consistency. Adjusting to a new workout routine can take several weeks. You have to figure out where you’re currently at, your strength levels and so on.

The most common issue I see from people who don’t get results are those who change their routine too often. I know it’s easy to get bored doing the same thing week in and week out, but you need to trust the process.

Besides, it’s really your diet that’s going to give you the results you seek. Without a solid diet plan, you will struggle to hit your weight loss or muscle building goals.

That’s why muscle confusion actually harms your progress; you’re too busy changing things up all the time. You stall your progress and results take forever.

Can You Burn Fat With Muscle Confusion Workouts?

Another common marketing trick you’ll come across is the idea that all sorts of muscle confusion stimulates fat loss.

This is another lie that simply isn’t true. Just because you hit your glutes with a new leg workout that makes you sore does not mean you’re actually burning fat — you’re doing something new that makes you sore. That’s all.

Muscle soreness does not mean your body is burning fat. All it means is that you gave your muscles a good workout and they need to recover. That’s all it means. You’re not magically burning fat as you sit in your chair unable to walk.

What does help you burn fat in your workouts is the amount of calories you’re burning. When you exercise, you burn calories. This is why I wrote my fat burning leg workout guide.

Leg workouts burn the most calories by far. Therefore, if you hit your legs twice per week as I recommend, you’ll burn more calories every single week.

Your body will only burn fat when you’re burning off more calories than you consume on a weekly basic. This is a lifestyle so while you should be tracking once per day, understand that you’ll results after several weeks.

Call me a “bro scientist” but I strongly believe that having a day or two of HIIT workouts per week helps your body hold onto muscle while burning fat.

You don’t need cardio to burn fat. You can simply eat at a caloric deficit and you’ll lose weight. However, I personally see better results when I add intervals into my training.

Anything else you read about fat loss is simply a gimmick. No amount of “muscle confusion” is going to help you burn fat faster. You also can’t target fat in certain areas of your body. The only way to remove fat that way is through surgery (which is really popular today thanks to Kim K).

As long as you eat the right foods and speed up your metabolism, you’ll have no problem shedding pounds of fat with a very basic exercise program.

What If Your Muscles Adapt To An Exercise?

If you think you need to change up your workouts because your muscles have no adapted to a certain exercise, I suggest you find yourself an expert who knows what he’s doing…

The reality is that as long as you’re making progress in your workouts, you won’t need to worry about “muscle adaptation.”

There are lots and lots of ways to keep your muscles progressing. I have talked about these earlier in this post:

  • Increase the weight
  • Lower the time you rest between sets
  • Do super sets
  • Increase the time it takes you to do one rep
  • Add an extra rep to your sets

These are the most common ways to make an exercise more challenging. I haven’t talked about super sets much as it’s more of an advanced move, but they are highly effective.

What’s a super set you ask?

It’s when you finish one set and immediately jump to another set without any rest at all. For example, I like to use body weight exercises for my super sets. I will first do a set of shoulder presses and then 7-10 pull ups right after without resting.

Super sets can be quite taxing on the body. I only recommend them if you’ve been lifting for a few months and you’ve developed the endurance to do them.

Progressive overload is the key to escaping any sort of “adaptation” or plateaus you run into while lifting. Add one more rep to your sets instead of trying to increase the weight by 5 more pounds.

Lifting heavy is overrated and you do not need heavy weights to build an amazing physique.

I’ve seen plenty of young guys in their early 20’s injure themselves because they pushed the weight too high. Not all bodies are created equal. Don’t fall into the belief that you must lift heavy to build muscle. It’s simply not true.

Building A Strong, Lean Physique Isn’t Difficult

All it takes is time and dedication. You must have the discipline to execute on a daily basis.

It’s going to be your diet that determines your overall physique. Motivation will only take you so far. A few weeks into your diet, you’ll probably lose motivation.

This is why discipline, dedication, long-term thinking and the ability to execute is more important that finding motivation.

Simply knowing that you don’t have to lift heavy to build muscle should be satisfying to hear. I’m sure people may disagree with me, but it’s simply the truth.

Of course being strong is a great thing. If you can bench 300+ pounds, more power to ya. Keep it up bro.

The truth is that not all bodies are created equal. Some people are genetically gifted to lift heavy and build tree trunk thighs. Other people have the unfortunate genetics of tiny wrists and joints. It simply is what it is.

Accept the body that you’ve been given. No amount of “muscle confusion” will give you better results than what you’re genetically capable of.

The good news is that everyone is genetically capable of achieving a lean physique that looks amazing. That’s what being a lean warrior is all about.

Instead of trying to add weight to the bar every single workout, think about adding body weight exercises and extra reps to your sets. The guys over at THENX are incredibly strong and lean with just body weight exercises.

I don’t get paid to endorse these guys. I became a fan of body weight training because of their free videos and workouts. You can get really strong with just your body weight. You don’t need heavy weight to build muscle.

Stop Changing Your Workout Routine

I quickly want to talk about the dangers of changing up your workout routine too often. I actually talk about this quite often because it’s such a big deal to me.

If you have A.D.D. like myself, you may find yourself tempted to change your workout routine every other week.

Perhaps the guy you follow on instagram came out with the “best muscle building routine ever” and you must try it out.

The problem is that two weeks from now, another amazing instagram fitness star will come out with their best workout routine ever. The routine that helped him build the biggest arms ever. Or helped her build the THICCest azz you ever seen.

Don’t fall for it. I’m sure the routines are great, but the reality is that your results will come from diet. Focus on diet and stick to the same routine for at least 8 weeks.

This takes a lot of mental discipline. That’s why the book I’m writing has a big part about the mental game. You need to get your mind right if you want to succeed in anything including fitness.

I hope this “guide” about muscle confusion has cleared up any questions you had about it. It’s important you keep things as simple as possible. It’s not hard to build a great physique.

The only thing that’s hard is drowning out all the extra noise out there.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below and tell me what you’re thinking.