when to change workout routine

I’ve fallen into the trap of changing my workout routines way too often. It’s something that most of us experience at one point or another on this fitness journey.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to weight loss and burning fat is Information Overload.

With the internet, it’s too easy to swamp your brain with information related to any topic. This is especially true in the health and fitness world. The industry is bigger than ever before.

Naturally, people who have great physiques want to capitalize on this and make dat money. Instagram is full of “fitness models” and trainers offering coaching and programs.

You’re flooded with images of people who made a lot of success over a period of time. Immediately, your brain wants that quick result.

You’re wondering what foods they eat, what workout program or routine they used, what supplements they took, how often they did cardio, did they use HIIT workouts, and so on.

This is what happens to your brain when you start to see great results. And, it’s not just in the fitness industry. This happens in all industries.

Success is an addiction. But, just because you want to be successful does not mean you’ll actually achieve it. It requires a different mentality than most people have.

Most people want results right now. This fast-food society where we live in has programmed us to forget about hard work and dedication. It’s purely a mindset issue.

As you scroll through your Instagram feed on a daily basis, you will be flooded with images of others having a lot of success. That’s really what Instagram has become these.

It can be tempting to change your workout routine and diet on a daily basis. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself on this endless cycle of constant change.

While it makes sense to want to listen to someone who got great results, you have to keep your head in check. You must stay disciplined.

Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Easier said than done (especially if you were a skinny-fat 155 pounder that I was).

For starters, accept weight loss as a lifestyle. It’s not just about losing weight. You are changing your overall life habits so you can be a healthier individual.

This takes time. You need to accept that. While you lean down and get strong, you can work on the Lean Warrior philosophy to develop an unshakeable mindset.

As you lose weight each and every week, you’ll begin to feel better and better about yourself. Much of my new book I’m writing is focused on the psychological. You need a strong mind to keep the fat off and succeed.

It’s really easy to get deceived these days from all the skinny, no longer fat people you see all over the internet. But, you must stay in your own lane and focus on yourself.

Understand that a lot of these results you see are from years and years of trial and error. You’re just seeing the end result. When you factor in the tans, the possible use of steroids, hiring personal trainers and chefs, great lighting, etc. it’s easy to deceive.

Now I don’t mean to take away anyone’s success. Results are results. How you get there is none of my business. I simply want you to be aware of how easy it is to make a picture look amazing under the right conditions.

It can be really tempting to abandoned a fat burning workout routine and diet plan that you’ve only been using for a couple of weeks.

You’ll fool yourself into thinking you can get better results with a “new” program that you came across from your favorite Instagram model.

And, maybe that’s true. Maybe they have a better program. But, there’s always a better program. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself running in circles delaying your results.

The Changing Workout Routine Death Cycle

Because most people have the wrong mindset about success and achievement, it’s really easy to lose focus and try something bigger, better and flashier.

You see this happen all the time with everybody. It’s actually a form of neediness which prevents you from learning over time and letting results happen organically.

Neediness leads to death in everything whether it’s intimate relationships, health, fitness, careers and so on. When you get needy, you get impatient. That’s when you make mistakes and fail.

Therefore, you must be disciplined. Yes, there’s millions of workout routines that are “guaranteed” to burn fat.

What’s important is not the actual workout routine. All that really matters is that you are disciplined and patient enough to commit to it. It doesn’t matter what routine you choose.

You will always come across a “better” program with “amazing” testimonials and success stories. This is going to test your neediness.

Take a program like Leangains for example. It’s all about intermittent fasting and eating more carbs on days that you actually workout.

Will you get results on a program like this? Of course. Is it required for you to lose weight and get lean? Absolutely not. It’s just one of a billion fitness programs out there.

The issue isn’t with Leangains. You can commit to it all you want. The problem is when you come across another program two weeks later and decide to commit to that one for your weight loss.

Then, you read about this “new” muscle confusion workout that is guaranteed to help you lose fat faster (yeah right).

It’s so easy to find yourself getting jerked around. That’s what happens when you’re needy and impatient.

People who are needy and lack discipline will cycle from program to program every other week (sometimes quicker than that).

Next thing you know, you are now the proud owner of 27 fitness related ebooks. You know everything there is about calories and weight loss (yet for some reason you are still fat and can’t lose weight).

But at least you have a ton of knowledge, right?

That, my friends, is the danger of information overload. There is so much information about weight loss and building muscle. So much so that you never actually get results because you’re being jerked around.

Every day there are thousands and thousands of new articles and social media posts teaching you fitness and nutrition advice.

One day you’re wondering how many calories does it take to lose weight. And the next? You’re convinced that calories don’t matter because it’s all about whole foods only.

Then you read about the steak and eggs diet. I won’t even get into that one because it’s just a fancy name for a low-carb diet that puts you into ketosis.

So Many Approaches For The Same Result

This is why you need to focus on yourself. Put yourself first for a change and don’t worry about the success others are achieving. You’ll get there if you stay focused.

Setting realistic goals is a good start. Be very conservative in your goals. Plan on losing no more than 2 pounds per week. If you end up losing more than that, great! If not, it’s okay.

Maintaining a lean physique is the end game. That is what we’re all on this journey for.

Here’s the kicker:

It’s a never ending journey. Just because you finally hit your goal does not mean you can give up the lean warrior lifestyle. It was your old habits that got you fat and inflamed in the first place. Why would you want to return to that?

This is a lifestyle. It isn’t some “get lean quick” scam that’s no different from those “get rich quick” scams that suck in so many suckers every year.

Anything worth having takes time and patience. That’s why success is a mindset. Those with the right mindsets always achieve and get results. Those who are all about the quick result never achieve.

So stop worrying so much about how much fat to lose per week. If you commit to the lean warrior lifestyle, you will lose weight every single week.

Don’t even weigh yourself if you fear you’ll lose motivation. Sometimes you’ll be losing body fat but remain the same weight. This has happened to me multiple times. Stick to the script and you’ll get lean.

Focus On The Fundamentals of Weight Loss

The simpler you make the process, the faster you’ll get the results. Resist the temptations of changing things up when you’re in the middle of a current diet plan.

I’ve worked with people who had paid a coach just a week or two prior to coming to me. They hired me right after hiring someone else. It’s an irrational thing that many, many people do.

Therefore, stick to the fundamentals. The reason my readership continues to grow is simply due to the fact that I keep things very simple.

Losing weight and burning fat doesn’t have to be hard. It only becomes hard when you get impatient. Next thing you know, you’re on the fitness carousel with 30 different diets and workout routines.

Getting off that carousel can be tough becomes information is addicting. But, when you learn what NOT to do for weight loss, you can make the journey much easier.

Basically, you need to bring the focus back to yourself. Put YOU first instead of others. Who cares how other people lost weight. Stop worrying about how Timmy from high school lost 200 pounds.

Focus on yourself and commit to ONE program. Keep it as simple as possible. Whether you go with my training or not, just pick something dammit! And, stick with it. That’s what is most important.

Burning fat is all about getting the fundamentals right. You got to keep it as simple as possible.

Keep your protein high, and fill in the rest of your calories with carbs and fats. To determine your calories during weight loss, multiple your GOAL body weight by 13.

This means if you want to weight 120 pounds, you should eat 1560 calories per day. That’s a perfectly healthy amount for a woman. Stick with that for several weeks and you’ll see the fat come off.

It’s also important that you fix your gut and eat foods that boost your metabolism.

Okay So When Do You Actually Change Your Workout Routine?

The reason you haven’t seen me write much about your workout routine is simply because it is a small part of the process.

You’ll never lose weight as long as your gut health is poor. Until you fix your diet, no workout plan will help you live a healthy, lean life.

Sure, you could go join the Orange Theory down the street and burn a ton of calories. And, you will lose weight doing that.

But, you’ll eventually get tired of these classes. You won’t go 4 times per week anymore. When that day comes, all the weight you worked so hard to burn off (and paid a bunch because classes are expensive) will all be for nothing.

This is why you need to make a healthy, lean warrior diet a part of your lifestyle. It becomes who you are.

Your workout routine won’t matter much. Just stick with something that has you in the gym 3-5 times per week hitting your muscle groups.

As long as you are progressing and getting stronger, there is absolutely no reason to change up your routine. You are way better off fixing your diet than trying some new workout to lose weight.

That’ll do it for this one. Comment below if you have questions and I’ll help you out.